Network Security Service Composition

What's New

  • Feb. 2017. We released source code for FRESCO Floodlight version and module/application store which we will contrinously update.
  • Project Description

    In this project, we aim to provide SDN development framework to facilitate development and deployment of network (security) services.

    Project Code

    FRESCO Floodlight Version (or FRESCO_Floodlight) is an FRESCO implementation running on Floodlight SDN controller (version 1.2), which is written in JAVA language.
  • Download Link GitHub VM Appliance (32bit)  (username: fresco,password: SUCCESS)
  • How to install and run FRESCO Floodlight version
  • How to write FRESCO application

  • Module&Application Store
  • [ Module List]
  • [Application List]
  • Publication

    [1] "FRESCO: Modular Composable Security Services for Software-Defined Networks"
    Seungwon Shin, Phillip Porras, Vinod Yegneswaran, Martin Fong, Guofei Gu and Mabry Tyson, NDSS'13. [PDF]

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